The Professional

A new client, a successful barrister, approached Moser Bland & Co. to help him structure his affairs in a more tax effective manner, improve his cashflow and help him to accumulate wealth.

The client’s position was a common one – high gross fees, high taxable income, high private debt and seemingly never very much free cashflow after tax and mortgage repayments.

Moser Bland & Co. conducted a tax planning review of the client’s affairs and recommended a two stage transaction to restructure the client’s affairs. The first stage of the transaction was the establishment and implementation of a new business structure. Confirming that the new structure complied with all relevant tax legislation and rulings, Moser Bland & Co. implemented a family discretionary trust to act as the client’s service entity and also established a self-managed superannuation fund, which acquired the client’s chambers.

The transaction itself resulted in the client receiving significant tax deductions which reduced his tax burden and improved his cashflow. The new structure then allowed the client to commence the tax effective accumulation of wealth in his self-managed superannuation fund.

The second stage of the transaction was a restructuring of the client’s banking arrangements with the result that the clients private non-tax deductible debt was converted to a fully tax deductible business loan over a five year period.

The transaction was structured and implemented in 100% compliance with the planned strategy. The end result for the client was a lower taxation burden, improved cashflow and the tax effective accumulation of wealth in his self-managed superannuation fund.

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