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Your Success

Your SuccessSince the establishment of our firm 21 years ago, we have driven a number of significant transactions for our clients. Our high level technical skills, combined with a proactive approach, lateral thinking and an eye for detail have resulted in our clients achieving outstanding successes.

Some examples of client successes are....


The Private Charity

Our client is a well known family which features regularly on the BRW “Rich List”. Very active in philanthropy our client wished to establish a private charity, known as an Ancillary Fund, with an initial endowment of $30 million.

Complicating the issue was the fact that the client’s assets were shares in listed companies held in a family discretionary trust. Any transfer of these assets would be treated as a sale for capital gains tax purposes and would result in the trust deriving assessable capital gains.

The Conglomerate

Moser Bland & Co. affected a significant restructuring for a very large and long term client. Over a 20 year period, our client has grown from a small Sydney based business into a national concern employing more than 100 staff with revenues of $90 million.

Our client had 17 separate entities – companies, trusts, partnerships, etc – and the structure had grown inefficient and unwieldy. Moser Bland & Co. was approached by the client to simplify and demerge the corporate structure.

The Professional

A new client, a successful barrister, approached Moser Bland & Co. to help him structure his affairs in a more tax effective manner, improve his cashflow and help him to accumulate wealth.

The client’s position was a common one - high gross fees, high taxable income, high private debt and seemingly never very much free cashflow after tax and mortgage repayments.

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