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Forensic Accounting Solutions

Our Forensic Accounting specialists offer expert accounting and professional support across a range of legal disputes and financial investigations.

Forensic AccountingDisputes are a way of life. We can’t avoid them. You need an expert who understands the factual circumstances and financial issues that relate to your particular dispute. You need an expert who realises how important it is to respond in a precise and timely manner to your often demanding and complex timetable. You will find those experts at Moser Bland & Co.

Our client profile includes one of Australia’s largest insurance companies, as well as members of the legal and accounting professions.

Our services include:

Insurance litigation support

  • Personal injury
  • Quantification of economic loss
  • Review of accounting reports

Commercial litigation support

  • Personal injury
  • Business interruption
  • Quantification of economic loss
  • Review of accounting reports
  • Shareholder disputes

Family litigation support

  • Valuations – business, entity & superannuation
  • Quantification of net matrimonial pool
  • Analysis of group structures
  • Financial investigations
  • Financial mediations

Estate litigation

  • Business & entity valuations
  • Analysis & investigations
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